Husqvarna Lawn Tractor – A guide

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor

Husqvarna make a wide range of tractors that are intended for use on residential/smallholding/small farm ground maintenance work.

These are sometimes referred to as Husqvarna lawn tractors, Husqvarna zero turn mowers, Husqvarna tractors, Husqvarna articulating riders. A Husqvarna lawn tractor is first and foremost a tractor, and is primarily intended for work that would be deemed residential, such as lawn mowing or cutting grass.

Obviously this can be done as a small business, but the primary focus of work for a Husqvarna lawn tractor would be residential. A Husqvarna lawn tractor can be used primarily for mowing or cutting grass, but can also be used on small farms, large types of gardens, for grounds maintenance in parks and similar places.

A Husqvarna lawn tractor can also be used on various types of landscaping work, can be used effectively in vegetable gardens, and a Husqvarna lawn tractor is ideal for various types of work to do with estate management. A Husqvarna lawn tractor is often used as part of a more graded approach to landscaping and land maintenance work.

In addition a Husqvarna lawn tractor can often be adapted by way of various accessories to be used for other functions, such as that of a snowblower. This depends on the model of Husqvarna lawn tractor that is purchased and used.

If you are intending to use a Husqvarna lawn tractor for other purposes, then it is important to check before buying it which accessories can be used on which type of Husqvarna lawn tractor that you are intending to buy.

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor – Tractors

Husqvarna make a significant range of lawn tractors, which are listed below. Many of them have a number of similar features which make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a lawn tractor that is both small but powerful.

A Husqvarna lawn tractor is often fitted with a Briggs and Stratton engine, which have proved highly reliable and efficient over the years.A Husqvarna lawn tractor is also normally fitted with hydrostatic transmission, with a lever fitted next to the operators driving seat that can control the speed and direction of the tractor in an easy and controlled manner.

A Husqvarna lawn tractor will often come with cruise control, either fitted as standard or as an optional extra.

Many people will be familiar with the normality of using cruise control, and it can be an advantage when using the Husqvarna lawn tractor on land that is undulating or sloping which can affect the speed needed. It is important to note from a safety point of view never to use the Husqvarna lawn tractor in reverse.

A Husqvarna lawn tractor has been designed to allow the operator of the tractor to step through with no barrier in between the space adjacent to the steering wheel. This is an important safety feature of all Husqvarna lawn tractors.

A Husqvarna lawn tractor will have a lever mounted on the fender next to the driving seat that controls the height adjustment of the tractor. This makes it very simple and easy for the driver to adjust the cutting height blades as is the Husqvarna lawn tractor is being used, without the need for the driver/operator of the tractor to move or leave the cabin area.

The blade engagement lever for a Husqvarna lawn tractor is located on the dashboard next to the steering wheel, which makes it easy and safe to use and operate manually. A Husqvarna lawn tractor has what Husqvarna refer to as air induction mowing technology, which means simply that air is drawn from both the top and the bottom of the mowing deck, which improves the nature and type of the cutting of the grass that takes place.

Husqverna SRD 17530

Husqvarna LTH 2038

Husqvarna YTH 18K46

Husqvarna YTH 2042

Husqvarna YTH 22V46

Husqvarna YTH 23V42

Husqvarna YTH 24K48

Husqvarna YTH 26V54

Husqvarna LGT 2654

Husqvarna GTH 24K54

Husqvarna YTA 19K42

Husqvarna YT 42XLS

Husqvarna YT 46LS

Husqvarna YT 48XLS

Husqvarna YT 54LS

Husqvarna GT 48XLS

Husqvarna GT 52XLS

Husqvarna GT54LS

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor – Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna make a wide range of lawn tractors that are commonly referred to as zero turn mowers. The specific defining feature of a Husqvarna zero term mower is perhaps that it has two levers that are used to control the direction of the Husqvarna lawn tractor, as opposed to a single steering wheel.

This allows for much greater manoeuvrability of the Husqvarna lawn tractor, making it ideal to use in areas where there is a need for a very tight turning area or circle.

The Husqvarna lawn tractor range of zero turn mowers have a wide range of differing specifications and features. Some are fitted with a Briggs and Stratton engine, have a pedal assisted cutting deck lift.

This is a system that allows the operator of the Husqvarna lawn tractor to adjust with great precision the cutting height of the deck of the tractor, from the operators seat itself.

This means that the operator of the Husqvarna lawn tractor does not need to move out of the seat in order to adjust the height, making it an important safety feature. Some of the Husqvarna lawn tractor zero turn mower range are fitted with a roll over protection system, which is also foldable.

The safety advantages of having this fitted are enormous, as it is singly the most important safety feature in preventing serious damage should the Husqvarna lawn tractor overturn for any reason.

Also the fact that the roll over protection system is foldable means that it is able to be lowered in areas where there may be hanging branches for examples. This is especially important in a Husqvarna lawn tractor zero turn mower because such a mower will be used in areas that are very tight to navigate such as around trees and tree trunks.

This is precisely the area where a foldable roll over protection system is needed, and is also the type of area where the operator might need to fold it in order to access certain types of land

Husqvarna RZ 3016

Husqvarna RZ 4219

Husqvarna RZ 4621

Husqvarna RZ 4623

Husqvarna RZ 5424 ( Kohler)

Husqvarna RZ 5424 ( Kawasaki )

Husqvarna RZ 5426

Husqvarna RZ 4222F

Husqvarna RZ 4824F

Husqvarna EZ 4824

Husqvarna MZ 5224S

Husqvarna MZ 5225

Husqvarna MZ 6128

Husqvarna M-ZT 52

Husqvarna M-ZT 61

Husqvarna P-ZT 48

Husqvarna P-ZT 54

Husqvarna P-ZT 60

Husqvarna P-ZT 54

Husqvarna PZ 54

Husqvarna PZ 60

Husqvarna PZ 60P

Husqvarna PZ 72

Husqvarna lawn tractor – Articulating Riders

Husqvarna make a wide range of lawn tractors known as articulating riders. It would be a bit unfair to suggest these are the top range of their lawn tractors, but they certainly combine all the elements of all the other Husqvarna lawn tractors that make them perhaps the most advanced Husqvarna lawn tractor you could buy.

The Husqvarna lawn tractor articulating rider range of tractors has a system known as articulated steering, which allows for incredibly tight manoeuvrability in areas where it is needed.

The Husqvarna lawn tractor series of articulating riders also have front mounted cutting decks. This allows the tractor much more accessibility into difficult areas that need cutting.

The Husqvarna lawn tractor articulating rider series of tractors are also incredibly versatile, and can be adapted for a number of different uses throughout the year, by way of different attachments.

Perhaps the most common attachment and usage is to turn the Husqvarna lawn tractor into a snow blower, or a snow thrower.

Husqvarna R 120S

Husqvarna R 220T

Husqvarna R322T AWD

Husqvarna lawn tractor – Accessories

It is possible to spend almost as much time and as much money deciding what accessories you would like to buy for your Husqvarna lawn tractor, as you might spend researching or purchasing the actual tractor itself.

There are a wide range of accessories available, some very practical and some more cosmetic or possibly even indulgent.

There are a number of baggers available, a double bagger, a triple bagger,A spike aerator, a number of steel carts, a front mount dehatcher, a disc cultivator a grader or box scraper a poly roller and a number of poly swivel dump carts.